Friday, December 1, 2006

Two hundred dollars

Well, I seem to have popped my second Segway tire, which will bring the total maintenance costs over the past to years up to $200, which in my opinion is still pretty decent. It's just a pain, especially since the company seems to no longer sell parts directly, instead only selling through dealers. Maybe I should take this opportunity to take it into a dealer to get that safety software upgrade that they sent me emails and a letter about. Problem is, the nearest one is in Seattle, which is a 20-minute drive away, or more for a person who doesn't have a car. I can't really take it on a bus. This is where the cheapass transportation model breaks down.


Anonymous said...

$200 isn't bad!

I know you don't like to inconvience anyone, but if you EVER need a ride anywhere, there are some of us who don't mind helping out.

Anonymous said...

I am telling you this as your friend, and I think its going to help you in the future.

Go to Bob's cars. Buy a used 1789 Buick Century or whatever they're selling for $20. You can drive this. Its fun. It takes you places.

If you don't want to waist gas driving it all the time, store it in the Snohomish.

Travis said...

Bah, you almost had me there until you said that driving is fun...

Anyway, thank you for your very novel suggestion that I had never thought of. :) But, I'm happy with my Segway and the bus system right now. Someday in the future I will do just that and buy a cheap car. Maybe some insurance company will even take pity on me and write me a reasonable liability policy that isn't still three or four dollars a day for something I almost never use, now that I will be magic-25 on Wednesday. But, I'm not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Get a sex change...that will lower your insurance.

I think driving is fun, but you have to consider that I was born and raised in Motown.

Kanji said...

Travis - to help your tires stay inflated:

I bought two 8-oz bottles of Slime for Tubeless tires (for $9.99 each !!!) at a bike shop and I put the slime in the tires the afternoon of May 8th. No mess, no fuss, no bad smells. Aired the tires up and ran the Segway around a few minutes to distribute the Slime evenly inside the tires.

Since then, the tires have barely lost an OUNCE of air !! It's amazing !! Now I will be airing the tires up only maybe once a month or so I'll wager.

Everyone who has a Segway needs to SLIME those tires !!