Saturday, December 16, 2006

Single draenei female

I've been in the closed beta test for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade for several days now. I don't intend to overdo it, since I'll be playing the real thing in under a month. But, I'd enjoy the advance chance to check out some of the early content, and I've created a low-level character to check out Azuremyst Isle (currently pictured in my blog template) and the Exodar crash site. In a few hours of play, I've already filed like ten bugs. Hopefully it's not too late for them to get fixed for release. One of the nice things (well, for the players, perhaps not the overworked developers) about an online-only game is that it doesn't really matter what ships on the DVD; at any time you like, you can force all of the players to upgrade to the latest version. So, they don't even have to be done with the game when it ships. They could have shipped the boxes six months ago; the only real reason not to is because it would be disappointing to have the game in the summer of 2006 but not be able to visit any of the new lands until early 2007.

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