Friday, December 22, 2006

The refugee camp

The terminal here in the Denver airport is pretty nuts right now. There are extra chairs everywhere, and it’s by far the most crowded that I’ve ever seen it. It could just be standard fare for Christmas, having never flown at this time, but given the conditions here at the airport and the days and days of delayed flights, I don’t think that’s it.

Not everyone is in the best of moods. One guy here just threw the baggage size check cage thingy and his little girl’s suitcase into the moving walkway, and at my gate there’s a man screaming at the very patient airline employee. A woman near me, also from Seattle, has been stuck here for three days and is finally headed home to Lincoln. I’m one of the very fortunate; my flight is supposed to leave right on time.

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Anonymous said...

Christmas brings out the worst in people, especially when they are in an airport. Yet another reason why I don't go anywhere for the holidays (even if it does get lonely out here with everyone leaving!)