Monday, December 4, 2006

Gotta be kidding me

This is a word-for-word recap of an email conversation with "Rob," who announced a big team meeting on Wednesday in Woodinville, WA (quite a drive) at 8:30 AM.

Me: Hahahahahahahaha.

Rob: Meaning, presumably that a) you go nowhere by 8:30 and b) you don’t know where Woodinville is and couldn’t get there if you did? I can fix BOTH of those problems.

Me: The answer is (a). I’m somewhat disturbed by how you could or would fix (a).

Rob: Well, if you get there at 8:30, you’ll never have to find out.


Steven said...

So, did you make it without his assistance?

Travis said...

Yeah, sigh, I went to the meeting. I was so tired.