Friday, December 8, 2006

The Christmas party

Last night was the Christmas party for the Office server products, the division best fitting SharePoint Designer, and thus the party that I was invited to. It was a pretty amusing time. I think that the standout moment from the party was the conversation making a drastic turn to the topic of anal beads (!) about three seconds after our administrative assistant sat down to chat, unbeknownst to the person currently talking. I don't think I've seen an expression of purer horror on someone's face before.

Second place would be when The Guy Who Always Wears Kilts was dancing with his girlfriend, and twirling just a little too much. A significant portion of my evening was spent privately making fun of the people dancing with my little clique, but I happened to not be watching when half of the group got a flash of ass.

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Admin said...

seems its the best office party to me..lolz..