Thursday, November 2, 2006

Yet another post where I mostly just bitch

I hate travel.
  • I hate how it destroys a full day going east, and two-thirds of one going west.
  • I hate the physical discomfort.
  • I hate packing.
  • I hate unpacking.
  • I hate sleeping in a place that is not my own bed.
  • I hate not having a constant internet connection.
  • I hate not being near my desktop computer. That's where my everything is.
  • I hate how I still have to respond to email when I'm on vacation (or, as the case may be, bereavement leave).
  • I hate how frickin' expensive it is to fly.
  • I hate airports.
  • I hate how I forget something every time I go someplace, whether it's leaving dress socks at home or my favorite vinyl-coated thick wire hangers at my destination.
  • I hate it when I leave my passport in my coat at a hostel halfway across Ireland.

I just really hate traveling.

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