Monday, November 13, 2006

Without reason

One thing that always drives me up the wall is a rule without reason. If you're going to tell me I should do something, or shouldn't do something, or that something is good or bad for me, you're going to need to tell me why.

When I was in, I believe, kindergarten, I used to enjoy flipping off the other kids. A lot of us thought it was pretty entertaining to go around giving each other the middle finger at every opportunity. At one point, one of the paras saw me—not any of the other kids, apparently, just me—and pulled me aside. She told me to stop doing it. I asked her why. She didn't have an answer. I finally got her to say that it was a stupid rule and a silly thing for people to care about, which I was pretty proud of myself for, talking some sense into that para as a mere kindergartener. But, she got back at me; she said that since some people were offended by it, and if it really didn't mean anything, then it wouldn't be so bad if I stopped doing it. Ahh, Travis 1, Ms. Paraeducator 1.

So finally I had a reason not to do it, and I stopped. But I do not enjoy following rules without a reason, or at least ones where I can't even think of a reason to. A lot of people like this, though there are certainly people who don't mind not having a reason to do things. I don't really understand those people.

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