Saturday, November 25, 2006


A pox upon all TV-on-DVD producers who do not put a chapter break directly following the opening credits. I have seen the stupid opening credits for your show a million times. I do not want to watch them again. Don't make me fast-forward; DVDs have chapter breaks for a very good reason.


Andy Misle said...

Amen. Though I am willing to forgive shows that screwed it up in the first season or two, then started doing it after that.

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Travis! I can completely agree with your complaints. We are watching season 9 of SG-1 and they STILL don't have a chapter break after the opening credits!

I will however cut some groups more slack than others. Cartoon Network's stuff I can completely understand not having chapter breaks after the credits. First off - their main audience are children who: 1. Love watching the same stuff over and over and over again; 2. Aren't the greatest at figuring out the remote control. Plus, they aren't always working with a high's not like FOX or some of the other companies out there.

The other thing that really makes me mad is when the DVD will not let you skip the previews. You will watch them! Oh yes, you will! Those people also need to have a pox placed upon them.