Friday, November 10, 2006

Postal spam

I think I get a piece of mail from Fidelity about a dozen times a month—sometimes two or three separate pieces of mail each day. I'm sure they're required by law to send me all of this crap, but I certainly don't read it, and could hardly care less about it. I've checked every "please just send me email and not crap through the postal service" option I can find on their website, but I still get another thing from them almost every time I check my mailbox. No wonder the fees are so high.

Maybe if, instead of "Fidelity® Export and Multinational Fund Shareholder Update (Pages I to VIII) and Annual Report (Pages 1 to 48) August 31, 2006" it were titled "MIDGET PORN INSIDE" it wouldn't go straight to the trash can.

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