Sunday, November 12, 2006

Nor any drop to drink

A recurring event in my dreams for the past six months or year or so is being in a situation where water is in limited supply. The setting changes—last night, it was in the Redmond area, and it was due to some disaster that contaminated the water supply, so it was shut off. In the past I've been stuck in a college cafeteria due to a blizzard, and probably a dozen other situations with the same theme.

I don't know what the source of these dreams could be, if there is one. I don't wake up thirsty, or really having to go to the bathroom, or soaking in a mess of my own urine. There appears to be no real-world correlation.

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Anonymous said...

Pleeze...zit down on mein couch. De water, dat represents a very important thing in your life. De fact that dis water is very limited iz your conscience telling you dat you are missing it in your life. De fact that it iz a dream that you have over and over again - shows that you have yet to fix that aspect of your life. Now, tellz me about your mother....