Friday, October 27, 2006


It’s come to my attention that there may be people in the world who don’t realize that, under any circumstances, reclining your seat in an airplane when there is a person behind you makes you an asshole. 100 more bonus asshole points if the person in front of you doesn’t have their seat reclined.

It’s pretty simple. Airplanes are already extremely crowded. Reclining your seat is equivalent to turning around and saying to the person behind you, “My comfort is far more important than yours, so you can go to hell.”

I’m posting this as a public service… I’m sure that someone, somewhere, has been reclining their seat and didn’t even realize that it made them an asshole!


Matthew Brand said...

Transoceanic flights are more acceptable for reclining

Andy Misle said...

Amen to Travis. There is absolutely no circumstance under which reclining is permissable in Coach.