Saturday, October 28, 2006


Feedback card

“The woman so nice we mourned her twice.” This afternoon after the services, the weeping funeral attendees got into their cars, and followed the funeral director on a nice tour of the grounds, leading up to a lovely spot near a pond and a fountain. The somewhat confused man then got out of the hearse, paused for a second, and then walked back to tell everyone that they forgot to dig the grave. So, funeral part two is going to take place on Monday. It’s a good thing that I picked the Tuesday return flight.


Anonymous said...

Holy CRAP, man! That's terrible.

Your graphical creation, however, is brilliant, as always :)

Travis said...

Yeah, I feel bad for my grandpa. He was already crying, and now he has to go through that again. But at least now I have a Fun Funeral Story to tell in the future.

Andy Misle said...

Jesse's "Comment Card" comment during dinner would have been hilarious had I read this post first.

Luke said...

Sorry to hear about Lincoln Memorial dropping the ball. It makes me feel embarrassed to be a Lincolnite.

On another subject, what's going on with these rash of knifings/shootings I keep hearing about in Seattle?

"...two people were shot outside Tiki Bob's Cantina in the 100 block of South King Street in Pioneer Square in what Kappel described as a possible drive-by shooting. He said the suspects may have been in a gray, late-1990s model Mercedes Benz."

Everytime I check the Seattle Times on my usual daily news brief, I see like half of Seattle shot outside pretty recognizable (and you'd think) highly defended areas.

Anonymous said...

That all just sounds horrible!

What time you getting back to Seattle?

Travis said...

I'll be back at like midnight Tuesday or something like that.