Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Final words

I got an interesting email from my mom today. There was a lot in the email, but it ended with a paragraph that meant, in essence: "If you have anything to tell Grandma Spomer, you should email it to me today so I can print it out and read it to her, because it's probably your last chance."

The timing caught me a little by surprise. I don't know what I'll write. But whatever it is, I need to think of it quickly.


Anonymous said...

Wow - I think that would totally freak me out if I got an e-mail like that. Will you be going back to Nebraska if anything happens?

If you need anything from your friends, feel free to let us know.

Swid said...

Um, given that, you should let me know if you'd like to do lunch/dinner when you're back in town... :-\