Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Old ladies

Someday, perhaps a bunch of old ladies will form a knitting circle that they will name The Knotsies. Occasionally they will get together to celebrate instead of knit: a Knotsie Party, if you will.

It is a testament to my current state of mind that I find that very funny right now, even while I fully realize that it is not.


Andy Rutledge said...

Some comedians make their entire careers out of bad puns and homonyms. Tim Cavanagh comes to mind. He plays a bunch of 30-second songs and nearly every one of them has some sort of play on words that make me groan.

Andy Misle said...

No, but there IS a knitting group called "Knitta' Please." Google it. I think that's pretty hilarious, too.

Travis said...

That's pretty funny, and not quite as blatant as mine.