Sunday, September 3, 2006

My allowance

I had an allowance for a couple years as a kid. If I recall correctly, the maximum amount that I could earn each week was $1.15. I got 5¢ every night that I was ready to go to bed by bedtime, and 10¢ every night that my room was clean at bedtime. (My parents did not appreciate it when I pointed out that the room that my brother and I shared was the cleanest room in the house anyway.) Finally, if I earned all $1.05 for the week, I'd receive a 10¢ bonus.

I always thought it was kind of ludicrous that my friends all got $5 or $10 or $20 a week for their allowances, and I could max out at a little over a buck. But, hey, it was money, and it's not like my parents were going to buy into the "but Brian gets $20 a week" argument anyway. (I'm sure that the answer would have been "Brian gets $20 a week because his mommy is trying to buy his love.") It didn't ever really matter all that much, because my grandparents on my mom's side would from time to time give us considerably more just for visiting. It meant that when I bought some toy or computer software, my grandparents essentially paid for it, and my allowance paid for the tax.

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