Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Informative avions

A little bird tells me that the patch to upgrade Office 2007 beta 2 to Office 2007 beta 2 technical refresh, a near-final version that I'm using right now, will be available tomorrow. It's the last one you'll see before it's in stores. And, in my opinion, it's a very nice improvement over beta 2. For example, performance of PowerPoint 2007 has been upgraded from "granite slab" to "molasses." Not too many new features, but less crashing and more refinement all around. Anyone who's been using beta 2 should get it ASAP.

See the comments for a lame attempt to make the title of this post less stupid.


Swid said...

I believe this is the word you're looking for... ;-)

Travis said...

Kinda. Actually, I thought that "avions" was "birds" in French. But, after a quick Googling, I remember how dumb I am; "avions" is a past form of "to have," and "birds" is "oiseaux." I had the word "avions" in my mind, but for the completely wrong reason.

Kerjo said...

That article tries to make it seem like it's completely Microsoft's fault that saving to PDF and XPS is gone in the refresh.

That's kind of annoying.

Travis said...

Yeah. I guess it's sort of Microsoft's fault for not standing up to Adobe and just including the support anyway. But, seeing as we can never manage to win any court case, no matter how right we are, I guess this means that any company that wants to can just hit us for a little cash, like those little gnome thieves in Golden Axe.