Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy birthday

Imogen Heap is touring in Seattle on my birthday. I may go to that. Though... I don't know how good she would sound in a live performance.

Case in point, Imogen Heap's new single, Headlock. I think that would lose most of its charms live.


Derrick Stolee said...

I would assume that every song would get picked up in bass and energy for the show. It would be a different experience, for sure. I still think it could be good. Go!

Luke said...

She puts on a great live show. You should definitely go. No question mark.

Man, when she wails on Daylight Robbery (48 secs), that's an incredible experience.

And, watching her live put together all the loops for Just For Now just about blew my mind.

I think my friends and I agreed that, overall, The Walk was less fun live.

And, she closed for us w/ Hide and Seek (which she plays with a keytar).

Very good. Don't miss.