Monday, August 21, 2006

Snap judgment

It hasn't been long since my last post about music I've purchased, but I felt that this one deserved its own mini-review, as a public service announcement of sorts.

The short version:
Bubba Sparxxx—The Charm: 2/10

The latest Bubba Sparxxx CD, The Charm, is absolutely awful. Stay away at all costs. I've been lucky with my recent CD purchases... the worst I've dealt with in a while was an "average" CD. But this one is just hideous. Nothing on here is making it onto my main playlist, and I can't be that picky, because that playlist has 3197 songs on it, more than nine straight days of music.

Bubba Sparxxx is by no means some kind of musical genius, but I actually found his previous two CDs to be decent. And I know what happened here... Timbaland left. Timbaland produced his last two CDs, and they were overall pretty quirky, catchy, and interesting. But now he's gone, and what's left is a disgusting pile. Bubba Sparxxx was clearly not the talented part of the pair.

I don't recommend any tracks from this CD, but The Otherside (featuring Petey Pablo and Sleepy Brown) is probably the most listenable, mediocre at best. For a real taste of how horrid this album is, take a whiff of As the Rim Spins, and Ms. New Booty (featuring the Ying Yang Twins and Mr. Collipark).

I'm kind of ashamed to own this CD. But, I swear, it wasn't always so bad! Check out the much, much better track Nowhere (featuring Kiley Dean) from his last CD Deliverance, which is actually a good rap album, or Well Water from his first CD Dark Days, Bright Nights, which is at least decent.


Andy Misle said...

How did you not expect this? I don't know... I mean, I don't have your musical tastes, but for some reason I bought the entire Deliverance album off iTunes even though all I wanted was the title track. I have mostly regretted that purchase ever since. I mean, he's a big white guy trying to rap. But anyway...

I am mostly using this post to plug a great place to get rid of this CD. I have been very impressed so far, and it is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" business models - basically, a user-run Netflix for CDs. Check it out.

Travis said...

That's a pretty cool service. Normally, I find at least one song that I like on any given CD, so it's worth keeping, but this one... might be a good one to start with.