Monday, August 14, 2006


One fashion that I really hated in middle school was "sagging"—wearing your pants far below where one normally would—which was relatively new at the time, I suppose. It got particularly absurd for some people; I really don't know how some of them managed to keep the pants on at all, with the belt below the Frontal Fun Zone. The school's administration had strict rules against it, and students were punished for having their pants too low. Clearly, they thought, this was a sign of gang affiliation. Nearly every new fashion was seen as a new way for students to show gang affiliations.

But, it was a futile effort; as the months went by, more and more students started doing it, instead of fewer. By high school, it was no longer trendy to show twelve inches of underwear; all the cool kids were only showing two or three.


Derrick Stolee said...

I'm seeing a lot more saggers while in Texas. It's as if no one is here to tell them the fad is gone and was always stupid.

Anonymous said...

Stupid, stupid fad! Of course, just like the mullet, there are those people who have embraced it as a true fashion style. Luckily for me, I was out of college before this trend started (I only had to endure the people at the malls)

The worst case I saw was someone who had the top of their pants at about their knees. I don't know how that person could even walk!

Anonymous said...

In Texas, you're the fad that's stupid. In Texas, my shutdown is gold. In Texas, gold is black.