Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Power Grid

I just remembered that several of my readers play the excellent game Power Grid, and may not know that when it first came out, I developed some extremely handy little reference sheets for the game. Like many board games, there are several little details that are different depending on how many people are playing, and it's hard to keep them all straight. That is, without the handy-dandy Power Grid Reference Sheets! Just pull the right one out of the box and set it off to the side, and you'll never have to crack open the manual to set up the game.

Power Grid reference sheets, example

I vow that if I ever publish a game, such necessary things will come with the game, or be printed right on the back of the manual. (In fairness to the game, a harder-to-read version of the chart at the bottom is on the back of the Power Grid manual, but the other information is scattered and buried all over the booklet.)

Anyway, you can get them at BoardGameGeek. Be sure to vote for them if you think they're handy. :)

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