Saturday, August 19, 2006

Nerds in a theatre

I'm in awe. I can't believe how much better Snakes on a Plane was than I was expecting. I don't even know why. It's some kind of magical mix of gory action and ridiculous hilarity that just clicks. You've got to see it in the theatre... don't wait until it's on DVD, and don't wait until the crowds die down. It's genuinely exciting in a way that I can't compare to any other movie that comes to mind.

Audience participation... Now I can sort of understand the Rocky Horror Picture Show cult phenomenon thing. I haven't seen that movie, but the energy during SoaP was just so weirdly great.

It's not the kind of "so bad it's good" thing I was expecting; I usually just find movies like that intolerably boring. I think it's actually just good in a non-traditional way.

You should go see it.


Andy Misle said...

Well said. We had pretty much the exact same experience at SouthPointe last night. It wouldn't have been the same without everyone being able to talk freely during the movie.

Travis said...

There was raucous laughter when the theatre manager came in before the movie and reminded us that we needed to be silent throughout the film.

Andy Misle said...

Did everyone laugh right at him, or wait until the moment after he stepped out?

#1 at the Box Office. YAY!!!

Travis said...

They laughed right to her face, at which point she and her companion swiftly left.