Saturday, August 12, 2006

My junior prom

I never went to the prom in high school. I wasn't dating anyone, and the whole idea of the prom seemed terribly uninteresting. And unlike in Saved by the Bell or more "serious" teen dramas, the prom wasn't really a big deal, so I was even less motivated to attend.

Except I sort of went to my junior prom. You see, that year, it was at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln student union, on the second floor. At the time, I was working at the Burger King in the food court, on the first floor. I bet you can see where this was going. I was working that night, and the manager had me mop the floors out front, a task I was almost never bothered with, being one of the better cashiers and cooks there, and also being often the only one there strong enough to perform certain other tasks. So, I mopped the floors at a food court Burger King as dozens of pairs of my classmates walked by in their formalwear to get to the prom, some stopping by to say hi.

I don't think back to that memory and feel sorry for myself. I think back to that memory and laugh my ass off.

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