Friday, August 25, 2006

My first Verizon bill

My first bill from Verizon arrived. For a whopping 19 daytime minutes and 5 night and weekend minutes, one of my heaviest usage months ever, I paid $8.50 including all taxes.

It's an interesting plan, one I nicknamed the "Wacky Communism and Gambling Plan." I get 100 night and weekend minutes. Then, for each daytime minute used, I pay whatever it takes for Verizon to get an average of $30 per month from all of the subscribers on the plan. For this month, that was 31¢. If people talked less, each minute would cost more. There are no free text messages, or roaming, or anything. It's about as bare-bones as you can hope. And I like it. It's much better than the $36 or so I was paying each month before...

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Luke said...

i love your nickname for the plan :)