Friday, August 11, 2006

Listen to my favorite 25 songs of all time

Well, I didn't expect to finish tonight, but I got really into it. I've now updated my top 25 songs of all time. Out of those 25, 6 are from the past year—a quarter of them. That's impressive.

And now, my new top 25 songs of all time, including links to the free full track on except where otherwise noted. All of these are dear to my heart.

Balligomingo and Jody Quine—Privilege
Basement Jaxx and Lisa Kekaula—Good Luck
Enigma—Gravity of Love
Enya—Anywhere Is
Fort Minor and John Legend—High Road
Frou Frou—Breathe In
Gorillaz and De La Soul—Feel Good Inc.
Hooverphonic—You Love Me to Death (clip from
Imogen Heap—Hide and Seek
Jerry Goldsmith—Ba'ku Village
Jurassic 5—Back 4 U (clip from
Linkin Park—Somewhere I Belong
Maroon 5—Harder to Breathe
Michelle Branch—'Til I Get Over You
Nelly Furtado and the Kronos Quartet—One-Trick Pony
Newsboys—Million Pieces (Kissin' Your Cares Goodbye)
The Postal Service—Nothing Better
The Roots and Cody ChesnuTT—The Seed 2.0
Scissor Sisters—Laura
Shakira and Alejandro Sanz—La Tortura (Shaketon remix)
Sneaker Pimps—Loretta Young Silks (clip from
Snow Patrol—Run
Vanessa Carlton—Paradise
Zack Hexum—How Many Times (MySpace site)

If, right now, I had to put together one mix CD and then never listen to another song again, those are the 25 songs that would make it. I hope you like them... because it took a long time to put together all of those links for you. :)


Anonymous said...

I am very distrubed by 1) how many of these songs are on my iPod and 2) how many of them would make my top 25 list.

Luke said...

Yay yay for Travis' musical tastes. Without you, I would never have discovered Hooverphonic, who pretty much picked up Thievery Corporation and kicked its little butt off my top artist list.

Anyway, "major dittos" on some of the new tracks: at least Extraordinary Machine, You Love Me To Death, and Hide and Seek (I think this one actually made me cry once!).

And, I can listen to them with pure FLAC goodness these days.

Now, do I install Rockbox on my iPod?