Thursday, August 3, 2006


Ireland coast

This picture is from my trip to Ireland during spring break of my senior year in college. Where better to go for spring break than a cold and rainy island off the coast of Europe?

There's nothing really special about it. But, growing up in Nebraska, I am not accustomed to seeing oceans. In Seattle I can visit the Puget Sound coast (is "coast" even an appropriate word?) whenever I like. But it's very different. Here, wherever I see water, there's a big city around it. But there I was, on the coast of Ireland, not a city in sight. Just flat water as far as the eye can see, just feet (er, meters) away from where I was standing.


Andy Rutledge said...

It might even be "metres".

Anonymous said...

only in the North

Anonymous said...

Ah...I keep on forgetting that not everyone grew up in Michigan. It's hard for someone who has never been there to understand why they are called "The GREAT Lakes!" The Pudget Sound is puny! You can't see the other side of any of the Great Lakes.

*grumbles* Why is it I am the one who wants to travel and see the world the most, but so far hasn't gotten off of North America.