Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Implied smiley

This first paragraph was going to go into a previous post's comments, but I decided to make it its own post. If this blog ever gets a FAQ, this post should be in it.

My blog is not a consensus. You come here to learn marginally exciting facts about me, and what I think about things. I try not to let other peoples' opinions cloud the sunny wisdom that I shine down from on high. Try to keep that in mind when you decide what you think of me, if you don't already really know me in person. The real me lives in a world where other peoples' opinions about things really do matter, where I'm not so self-centered and cold. But Sleepless in the Seattle Metro Area is only tangentially connected to that world. It's a fun little place, at least for me.

I follow the Rule of Implied Smiley. After any given sentence, it's safe to read an implied smiley—either :), or ;)—your choice. If I added as many emoticons to my posts as they probably deserve, every post would be a jumble of mismatched parentheses. I try not to take things seriously, and my blog is no exception.

That said, I thrive on feedback. Please continue to leave comments. I need to know what kinds of posts keep you coming back. I also need to know when I suck, or at least when you think I do, so please continue to leave flames at your discretion too.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Travis. Didn't mean to get into it on that one post.

You know me.


Travis said...

This post is really directed at people who don't know me. I don't really know what the ultimate point of the post was, but don't worry; you're all in the clear. Keep up the comments. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, don't worry Louise, he means me!

I read your blog for my own personal amusement (as the whole blog concept rather intrigues me and this is a prime example of a very candid blog). I post for the amusement of myself and others. I don't actually hold many of the beliefs that I extol here, select only those blog entries which I think will get a good troll going, and generally don't think any more or less of you (despite what I post) based on what I read.

Besides ... Lincoln goades me on every chance he gets.

Travis said...

And besides, it would be somewhat silly for me to worry about what ianonymous thinks at this point. But I know that there are various people who read this who I've never even met.

Luke said...

You'd be surprised how much information I pick up about people who I knew in college from reading their blogs.

The weird phenomenon is that you know more than they know you know, and so, you know what's going on in their life or their personal opinions, but... They don't remember having that conversation with you. So it's a little weird.

Anonymous said...

It's really hard to truly get to know someone. We all tend to be a bit guarded about things (who we are, what we life, what we think, etc...) Of course, it always amazes me how often people will be more open on their blogs than they will in real life.