Wednesday, August 9, 2006


I've noticed something: there are two types of media fans. One is the fan who has extremely high expectations of the next big thing. The last CD was great; this one's going to be even better. Or they're constantly harassing the local game store to preorder the expansion, reviews be damned. And then there's the fan who has extremely low expectations of the next big thing. The new CD can't possibly be as good as the last one; it was a masterpiece. They just don't make games like they used to.

I'm definitely the former. But it seems like there's little middle ground... perhaps just by definition of the word "fan." And, of course, there are other people who tend not to become fans of things at all.


Anonymous said...

So, what the things you are a major fan of?

Travis said...

I have a tendency to become a fan of just about anything that I like enough. Directors, movie and TV series, musical artists, game companies, game series... pretty much any media form. Producing one great piece of art is an excellent way to earn yourself one customer who will remain loyal for a long time.