Sunday, August 6, 2006



This is another photo from Hawaii, and it's one of my all-time favorites. We were at a park, and there was a group of Hawaiian teenagers diving off of a small cliff into shallow-seeming water with rocks all around. All but one of them dove down into the dangerous waters, except this guy. He stood there, a couple inches from the edge, contemplating the jump. Eventually, he did dive down, and as far as I could tell, nobody died due to any kind of skull-rock impact.

I love this photo for several reasons... first of all, the framing, and the fact that he was leaning forward suggest motion—it pulls you in. There's a great contrast between his skin color and the greys and greens of the surrounding landscape. The sky's not perfect—it was white skies all day—but I still love the way that it turned out.

The framing was actually mostly accidental. I didn't want the fact that they were being photographed to change the way that they were acting, so I was subtle about it. I didn't hold the camera up to my face, and only gave the LCD screen a sideways glance. My old camera was silent, so that helped a lot. I took several shots from different angles, hoping that one would turn out well. And exactly one did.


Larry said...

I also love this photo, but mostly because of the way those shorts hang so low on him. ;-) That is one very hot boy. :-D

Steven said...

Are you sure you don't like it because the Hawaiian boi is really hot?

Matthew Johnson said...

Yep, that's one of my favorite pictures too, but for different reasons.

Travis said...

Different reasons...?

Travis said...

Oh. You were replying to the post, not the previous comment.