Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Verizon customer

Well, I've given up on Cingular and am now a Verizon customer. Where before I got 0 bars, I now get four, and since that place is my apartment, I'm pretty happy with that. I even get a bar or two in my office.

I just spent the last thirty minutes or so punching numbers into my phone. It recently occurred to me that I probably could have moved all of the numbers from my previous phone onto the SIM card and just moved that over, but oh well. Next time, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

BLUE TOOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Travis said...

My PC's Bluetooth adapter sucks; it's extremely unreliable. It only worked half the time on my old phone. I haven't even been able to get it to detect my new phone, following the same steps I used with my old phone (both Motorola) to turn BT power on and make it discoverable.

It's sad, but the time it would have taken to successfully make the transfer using Bluetooth would have been far more than thirty minutes given the hardware I have right now.

Swid said...

It may not be your PC's fault that it can't access your phone via Bluetooth. Verizon has a history of crippling the features of its phones.

Also, does your new phone even have a SIM card? Most CDMA phones do not.

Of course, both those concerns were probably trumped by, you know, having reliable phone service. ;-)

Travis said...

Oh, hey, I guess it doesn't. I had to install mine separately on my old phone, but all I had to do with this one was stick in the battery. I thought all phones used SIM cards now. Shows what I know about phones.

Luke said...

In common practice, only GSM-based phones use SIM cards. Though, I understand that CDMA phones can use SIM cards, they're basically embedded by common practice, making the world that much more annoying. Grr.