Sunday, July 23, 2006

Random Organization

I've just recently noticed that my organization scheme for certain things was determined pretty arbitrarily. I keep my wallet, keys, change, Chap Stick, incoming mail, and pens on a counter in my kitchen area. Why? Because when I moved in, I needed a place to put my wallet, and I didn't have any better place to put them, not having any sort of furniture. It's not even a convenient place to keep them, because it's out of the way of everything, unless I start dinner as soon as I get home from work.

In my living room, which I just use for storage because the real living room is the master bedroom (which contains no bed), there's a little alcove where I have a wooden chest. It's there because it's big and annoying, and the dimensions of the alcove happen to almost exactly match those of the chest. On top of that chest is a lamp, because when I was unpacking, I didn't really want to do anything with the lamp, but I didn't want it damaged, either. So, it's sat there for over two years, never once plugged in. Also on the chest are my light backpack, which I take to work most days, my camera backpack, and scattered camera equipment and a tripod. It's there because I keep my Segway over there, and those things (except the lamp) I generally only use when I'm going someplace. The Segway only lives there because I randomly chose that spot when looking for a place to plug it in to charge it.

I have a lot of organizational habits like that, it seems, with the locations of all sorts of objects snowballing from small, insignificant decisions I made long ago. Then again, the time and space that I would save from finding a better way to store these things probably isn't even worth it.



Matthew Johnson said...

That reminds me of the bag full of winter clothing that I didn't unpack for a month after we got here, and the floor lamp we have in the bedroom that we plugged in but have only used one or two times.

Anonymous said...

Which is to say that you clearly have no organization skills.