Sunday, July 23, 2006


I've got 18 photos up from my last two photography trips: last Thursday, and last fall.


My favorites are the ones titled "Bee," "Bird," and "Cross." Some of them have some noticeable technical problems, such as focus problems on the flowers. But, I'm slowly getting better. I just need more practice, whenever I can get it. I need to make time to get it.

I used SimpleViewer to create the gallery, and I'm very happy with the results. It's not terribly difficult to set up, and produces much more attractive results than Photoshop's albums or the photo gallery add-in that comes with FrontPage, SharePoint Designer, and Expression Web Designer.

I've found that trees do not seem to make good photos unless they are very far away, in some magnificent vista. Their beauty and detail just doesn't seem to translate well to a 3x5 print or even a 21" monitor. They have to be big and real. That's really too bad, because I love trees. I'm sure I'll pick up some more tree-photographing tricks down the road, at least.


Matthew Johnson said...

I really like Blue. There's something extra pretty about blue flowers, to me.

Anonymous said...

You got some great shots. And I don't think your tree pictures are creative and different.