Wednesday, July 26, 2006


People remember some really dumb, insignificant stuff as long as it's catchy. One little thing that I can't get out of my head is a jingle from one of the excellent You Don't Know Jack games, either #2 or #3. YDKJ was a series of popular and very clever trivia games, and before each question, there would be a couple-second jingle to introduce it. One of the jingles for question 17 was a Cajun-sounding man cheerily singing:

On the big bayou in Loooooooosiana, Question Sev-onnn-teen!

That must have been like a decade ago, and that jingle still rings in my head on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes I catch myself humming it in my apartment.


Anonymous said...

I loved playing those games! Only game I know of to contain the question "If you wanted to get a tan on your perineum, what would you have to do?"

Anyone else know the answer to that one?

Andy Misle said...

Since I watch Sue Johanssen, I would guess that the answer to that one is stick your ass in the air on a sunny day outside... For a good time, look up "ABC" on UrbanDictionary.

But yeah, those question intros were catchy. I wonder how many different versions for each number they had per game? I never played Jack a whole lot, but I don't remember a lot of repeats in the question intro jingles.

Travis said...

Hmmm. I think there were only two or three. But it's been a long time.