Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Big Decision Escrow Day

This afternoon I decided that I would switch to Verizon, which seems to be the only carrier that can get a signal to my apartment complex, and also has some pretty creative plans that should save me some money each month. I'm tired of Cingular and how they seem to suck at everything.

I'm in Big Decision Escrow. I do this a lot when the stakes are relatively high, even though in this case it's mostly just annoyance and lost time if Verizon happens to suck as much—it would be difficult for them to suck more than Cingular. I give myself at least 24 hours to mull over the decision and cancel it if I change my mind. I sometimes make decisions too impulsively if I don't force some consideration time upon myself and I'm excited about the change, but if I spend more than a day, I'll obsess way too much. It's not a formal process: if by tomorrow afternoon I haven't thought of a good reason not to, I'll go ahead and switch cell phone carriers.

I guess it's pretty much the same thing as engagement. I've already decided that I'm switching, and I've picked out the plan and phone that I want. But, if I decide not to go through with it, at least it's not Till Death or Twelve Contractually Obligated Months Do Us Part.

The new guy on our team said that he couldn't decide between T-Mobile and Verizon, so he did what any reasonable man would do: he decided with his penis. He decided that it would be more proper to support the company that chose Catherine Zeta-Jones as their spokesperson, rather than the significantly-less-hot annoying guy.


Andy Rutledge said...

I've often asked myself that if you were going to choose your phone provider by their spokesmodel, could you really choose the one with Joan Cusack over the one with Catherine Zeta-Jones? I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* Sex sells...I wish it wasn't true.