Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Big bees

I had a poster made of the photo currently used on my blog template. ("Bee" in my latest collection of photos.) Snapfish charges $20 for the service, so let's hope that it turns out well. I had some smaller prints made from Costco, which partners with Snapfish but costs less, and I was impressed. They only charge $10, which seems like a very fair price for a custom poster. But, they no longer service non-members, and I don't make nearly enough prints a year to justify a $50 membership.

Now that I have no officemate, my workspace is very barren. I'm going to bring in this poster, one of my Despair posters, and a whole bunch of smaller photo prints to personalize things a bit.

Of course, that poster wouldn't have flown a couple months ago. My ex-officemate passionately hates bees.


Swid said...

Amy: In every life, we have some trouble.
Bender: But when you worry you make it double.
Bender/Amy:Don't worry! Bee happy!

Professor: The landlords say your rent is late.
Hermes: You may have to litigate.
Professor/Hermes/Bender: Don't worry!
Bee: Bee...
Professor: Happy!

Zoidberg: Ain't got no cash, ain't got no style, ladies vomit when I smile. But does Zoidberg worry? Feh, you wish!
Bee: Bee...
Zoidberg: Happy!
Hermes: Don't worry now, Amy!
Amy: Okay, I'm happy!
Bender: Take us home, Bender! Don't worry!
Bee: Bee...
Bender: Happy!

Leela:Uh, were you just singing?
Bender: No, I was telling you not to worry. I'm not allowed to sing. Court order.

Travis said...

<3 That's one of the best episodes.