Monday, June 26, 2006

Working late

I went into work tonight for an hour or two for a few reasons. First of all, it only takes a couple more minutes to actually go into work than it does to get out my tablet and set up a secure connection so I can work from home, since I live so close. Also, I wanted to set up my new speakers and make sure that I had enough audio cables, so I could bring them tomorrow. Or, maybe it was just because I don't have to pay for the drinks there.

But one of the biggest reasons is that the custodians do their thing late at night, and I wanted to catch one who could track down a vacuum for me. After moving furniture around, I've excavated thick layers of unspeakable filth on my carpet. It's mostly dust and glitter (that's right, glitter—as in little sparkly things) from before I even started. I also found a Jolly Rancher mashed into the carpet under my desk. That was fun.

I found the person who was cleaning upstairs, and asked her for a vacuum. She just looked at me with this strange shocked expression and violently shook her head "no." I got the impression that she didn't understand anything I said, but I wasn't willing to be so demeaning as to mime using a vacuum cleaner and making vacuum noises to tell her what I wanted...

Fun fact: it's difficult to ride a Segway when one of your feet is asleep.

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