Friday, June 16, 2006

Not dreamless

As I should have expected, the night after my post titled "Dreamless," I actually did have a dream. It wasn't terribly long, but it was interesting.

I was in an open-air cafeteria on a beautiful beach, right outside Lincoln, Nebraska. Now, some of my clever readers will immediately recognize one or more problems with that sentence. But, it's my dream; let's continue. You could see the beautiful Lincoln skyline in the distance, masked somewhat by a lovely blue mist. The massive capitol building towered above the other skyscrapers. It was quite a nice sight, so I took off my backpack, pulled out my camera, and started attaching the lens I wanted to use (I picked the wrong one; I pulled out the 70-200 but should have chosen the 17-40...). There was a little girl who kept digging around in my bag and moving stuff around, and it was really annoying, so I kept looking down to discourage her from doing so. I looked up, and saw a massive rock with a fiery trail heading straight for us. It looked like a meteor, except it was flying much too horizontally to be one. (It looked a lot like one of the bouncy ball people from the Futurama episode "War Is the H-Word," which I saw a few days ago.) It hit the ground and made far less of an explosion than it should have; I don't think I was even knocked off my feet.

But, all of the people there were pretty shocked, because, you know, a massive meteor just hit the earth not too far ahead of us. We stood there, too surprised to do anything else, for a couple minutes. I started getting ready to take pictures again, when suddenly the sky turned a dark, smoky grey. Then, we could see two massive tornadoes touch down right in the middle of the Lincoln skyline, and they started heading our way. We were only a couple miles away (you know, on the beautiful seaside beaches right outside Lincoln...), so this was of great concern to us.

Someone yelled "everyone in the cellar!" but it turned out that this café's cellar was at ground level. (Does that even count as a cellar?) To make things worse, there was a window, and there were glass bottles all around us. But, it seemed like the best place to be given that there was nowhere else for us to go. We could hear the tornado getting closer, and finally we knew it was going to be any minute before it hit us.

And then the dream ended, cruelly terminated by the alarm clock.

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Interesting. Very interesting.