Saturday, June 10, 2006

More than just rubber bands

Today at The Conference Where There Were Free Rubber Bands, I went to an interesting talk by Jensen Harris, the head guy in charge of the Ribbon in Office. It's always interesting the first time you see someone you've only read about, and discover how wrong you were. I kind of imagined some guy in his mid-forties, skinny, with light brown curly hair. Instead, I saw a fat bald guy who was probably in his early thirties. I was a bit off. The man seems to have an odd obsession with McDonald's, but he's a good speaker. I particularly enjoyed his montage of hideous, filthy shacks interspersed with the most awful UIs he could dig up—we're talking things worse than Lotus Notes here; printer drivers with hundreds of controls on a screen and so forth. I wish I had those screenshots to share with you.

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