Monday, June 26, 2006

Mexicans and techno

I was thinking on the way home about something that interested me greatly for a brief period of time. Musical genres are kind of like races. Both are convenient but inadequate sweeping generalizations to describe something intricately complex. And, making a judgment based solely on either is a great injustice.

Of course, there are some differences. "I just don't like electronic music" is quite a bit less offensive to me than "I just don't like Mexicans." Maybe there's a principle there that can be applied to race relations. Maybe it's just as okay to be predisposed to dislike horrible, horrible Asian and Indian voices as it is to dislike by default R&B and trance. But, maybe, in the same way that one should not avoid hanging out with black people, one should not completely avoid a little country now and then. But I guess the key difference is that preconceived notions about genres of music only hurt yourself; the stakes of racism are very much higher...

Such a topic is far too big for a blog post of a few sentences. The main point is that I never really made the connection before now, and I think it's sort of valid.


Anonymous said...

correct. Even genres like country have their Johnny Cashes :)

Anonymous said...

Are you saying you don't like techno?