Friday, June 9, 2006

Life in mirror may be more interesting than it appears

Sorry for not posting too much recently. (Well, I'm not that sorry.) I'm trying to juggle rewatching Futurama and playing Oblivion, Heroes of Might and Magic V, and a little bit of World of Warcraft, and those activities take up just about all of my spare time, no matter how fragmented it may be. Back when I was doing fewer entertainment activities at once, there would be gaps in free time, and I'd often post during those. But now, Futurama takes 22 minutes, Oblivion can be played for as little as about 45 minutes, and Heroes can be enjoyed in 90 minutes or more. (World of Warcraft I only play with Marc, so I don't really control that schedule.) That covers just about any length of time, especially since a campaign mission in Heroes can take many hours, and I can of course mix and match those. The end result is that I don't really have gaps in my time that aren't covered by entertainment right now. That's a pretty nice problem to have.

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