Saturday, June 17, 2006

I wish I could draw

I've wished I could draw for a long time. I used to practice a lot, and I took drawing classes, and I just never really got any better at it.

Maybe I could just draw really terribly and pass it off as being quirky and creative.

So divine!
The song about George Washington is slightly NSFW for language.

Perhaps the sad thing is that I can't even draw that well.


Louise said...

I like your photography :)

Artist are a dime a me.

Travis said...

Plenty of amateur photographers and graphic designers, too. :)

ianonymous said...

I've been strangely memorized by that picture ever since you posted it. So much so that it has become my AIM avatar.

Travis said...

Creepy. It's mine too.

Louise said...

Oh my....interesting song.