Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I haven't dreamed (or more specifically, remembered dreaming) anything worthwhile in what must be months now. It's kind of sad. I've had a couple of my usual ten-second mundane dreams in that time, but that's it.

That was amusing while it lasted.


Steven said...

I have a lot of day dreams. I'll think of something really silly and then elaborate on it a little bit. At which point I think "Steven you are a dumbass, but seeing how you realize it you may as well have fun with it". At which point I do continue. Sometimes occurences only last for 5 minutes but I've had them last for 30 minutes before. To me, it can be a lot like reading a book.

Travis said...

Yeah, I do that a lot too; at least I can control that, so it ends up being after I get home from work-dreams and weekend-dreams.