Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I've been burning through music at a pretty steady click recently, and it's been fun.

The short version, 1/10:
No Doubt—Tragic Kingdom: 5
Travis—Good Feeling: 6
Poe—Haunted: 8
Brazilian Girls—Brazilian Girls: 8

No Doubt—Tragic Kingdom: I bought this one at the same time as their debut CD, and I definitely like this one better. It's got their hit singles from the 90s Just a Girl and Don't Speak, both of which are excellent. The rest aren't really that noteworthy.

Travis—Good Feeling: The first time I heard their single Sing from their album The Invisible Band, I loved it. I still love it. I bought that CD, and it's a good CD. I bought their next CD, and it's good too. So, I picked up their older albums. They're not as good. It's not that Good Feeling is bad; it's just pretty average rock music. Their newer albums just seem more... interesting. I mean, banjos! There's something you don't hear in rock music everyday. Anyway, you can get a good feeling of what the album sounds like from the first track, All I Want to Do Is Rock.

Poe—Haunted: I liked her single Hey Pretty, though I had mostly forgotten about it, but I didn't pay too much attention to her until hearing her again as a guest vocalist for another band. But, I'm definitely glad that I picked this CD up. You'll like it if you like Garbage (Capital G; that's not meant to be an insult...); it's the same style—pop/rock with a female lead. Check out Hey Pretty, Not a Virgin, and Spanish Doll.

Brazilian Girls—Brazilian Girls: This was the most pleasant surprise of all. I had heard their song Homme thanks to Pandora, and that was enough to get me to buy the CD. It's definitely an interesting CD, with some elements of dance music, tango, pop, lounge, and who-knows-what-else. I really enjoy mixed-genre music, and this one's no exception, and it's even got mixed languages to boot. If you like Zero 7, I'm sure you'll like this. Check out Homme, Long, and Me Gustas Cuando Callas. I love the lyrics "longer than your hair in the 80s / longer than the long run / longer than the longest winter / longer than long." Anyway, great CD.

I haven't really finished with Poe or Brazilian Girls yet, but the new Zero 7 album The Garden has arrived, so that's going to get my attention next...

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