Friday, May 12, 2006

Why he will probably never buy another Mac

I found this article very interesting:

Why I Will Probably Never Buy Another Mac
We were told that Linux required you to edit endless configuration files by hand, that XP crashed all the time and was riddled with hardware problems from driver incompatibility. It defied all one's experience. It was simply false. But whenever one objected, a chorus of personal abuse followed... The fact is, they run Photoshop in emulation mode, and very slowly. Point this out, and you will be told how unfair you are being. Unfair to who or what? It's just a fact. If you want to run the package, it is all that matters. But on the forums, to allude to inconvenient facts has become an act. You are defining yourself publicly as an enemy of the people if you do it, on however small a scale.

It is exactly not like devotion to the Amiga or BeOS, which strikes me as a harmless, goodnatured enthusiasm we should all feel good about. It is a positive hatred of any sort of 'thinking different'. If you listen to the views expressed, they are in fact totalitarian and authoritarian. You will hear that choice is bad, it just confuses people. That it is good for you to have a limited and monopolised range of hardware that will run your OS. That all people want is one thing that works, not to be driven crazy by multiple alternatives that don't... It is in fact better for the user if Apple has a monopoly. They will only ever use their monopoly power to your benefit.

It's long, and, uh, a bit scathing, but quite interesting nonetheless. Of course, can the surprising number of Apple fans who read my blog say anything about this post without proving him right? :)


Anonymous said...

I could write a very similar article about my own transition from a Wintel zealot to a mac user; why bother? Seriously, it is just a fucking computer, not a lifestyle choice ... seriously.

If it allows you to do what you want, who the hell cares what OS it runs.

Travis said...

That's kind of one of the points of the article, I thought...