Monday, May 15, 2006


Over the course of the last week, three separate people complained in conversation about how their managers were annoyed that they weren't visible enough. (Two were on my team, and one was from a different team. They weren't the same managers.) "Visible" in this sense means being outspoken in meetings, sending out email to the team, and generally ensuring that nobody on the team forgets you're there. I find it extremely disappointing that visibility is something I'm judged on, because I find it an undesirable quality in people, and from the conversations I had with those others, so do they. I've brought it up with my manager and his manager both, and my manager's response was something along the lines of "oh, well, I should work to change the perception that people have that it's not a desirable quality." I guess I would have hoped for "you're right, now that you mention it, it is shallow and pointless." But, you know, sometimes you don't get what you hope for.


Luke said...

I have the same problem as these people, but in life in general. A typical day for me is walking into a barber shop and having them not remember me from the 3 weeks before. Every time they ask me the same questions about what I'm doing, then they forget.

I'll decide to do a job and then people will ask me, repeatedly, where I'm working at. I'll tell them, and then they'll forget again in like one month.

I guess you have to be more vocal, or people will just forget you're there.

Travis said...

Nobody at the haircut place or the dentist or the doctor ever forgets me. I have a two-wheeled magic scooter to ensure that. Not only does my favorite stylist remember my name when I come in, but also all sorts of things that I had forgotten telling her...