Tuesday, May 9, 2006

The shower brings clarity

I should have a shower in my office; I'd get so many things figured out. I always figure things out in the shower.

Just this morning I was mulling over the name of a guild on my World of Warcraft server, SARTUZS GELD OF HASWB. Sartuz is one of the other players, and that is his geld (sic), which exists solely for humor purposes. I realized that HASWB might be an abbreviation, so I thought about it for about two seconds, and came up with something. It turned out that I was very close to the real definition. I only got the last word incorrect; it's butter, not boys. I thought it might be the latter since Sartuz plays a priest.


clay said...

i still maintain that 'iddqd' would be a great guild name. i'm just far too lazy to actually create such a guild.

NB - i mentioned this to my current guild once on the guild chat, and only 1 of the 5 online at the time had any idea what it meant :(

Anonymous said...


you guessed "hot anal sex with butter" with no prior knowledge? that, to me, is way more terrifying than that Howerd Stern video.

Travis said...

No, no, of course not. I guessed "hot anal sex with boys" without any prior knowledge, besides general knowledge of what kinds of things WoW players find funny and the fact that Sartuz is a priest.