Friday, May 5, 2006

Rent, but not as in the musical

Well, I signed another apartment lease this morning. Hopefully this will be my last one before I move to a more permanent residence early next year. My rent jumped another $90 per month this year, which of course doesn't make me happy. I just don't like the idea that my rent can increase by some mystery amount, and the official response is just "well, that's what apartment prices are like around here. Actually, we're a little below average around here."

Of course, I'd miss the package service. That's really the only service of my apartment complex that I get much use out of, besides routine maintenance. I love knowing that my packages are being accepted by a person and aren't just sitting out in front of my apartment, though it was better a year ago when the front desk was open until 9:00 and I didn't have to get the package the next morning.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how it works there, but here most apartment complexes pay some of the utilities (water, sewer etc.). A annual rent hike covers increases to those services across all the rental companies properties as well as salary increases etc. I hope that solves this big "mystery" for you.

As for the title: you mean to tell me that you don't have full blown AIDS and are in danger of losing your rent controlled NYC apartment? Huh, I never knew.

Anonymous said...


Travis said...

Nope, I pay for all of my utilities, including power, water, sewer, trash pickup, and cable/internet. However, a good half of the complexes here do cover at least some of those utilities. I've talked to someone else, and it seems that my rent actually may be below average; they're paying more than $100 more than I pay for a similar apartment, though they presumably get a parking spot out of the deal, which would add another $30 or something for me.

As far as capital-Rent goes, all I know is what I learned from Team America: everyone has AIDS, AIDS-AIDS-AIDS.

Travis said...

(That someone else is approximately the same distance from the Microsoft campus.)