Monday, May 22, 2006


I haven't been posting much recently. It's mostly because I haven't really had anything that useful to post about. I was busy with one thing or another through almost all of Saturday, and I spent a large portion of Sunday playing Oblivion—I've passed the 75-hour mark now. Such a great game.

I've tied up a huge number of loose ends of all shapes and sizes at home and at work over the past few weeks, and it's a very lovely feeling. It's a strange kind of freedom. My top few tiers of to-do items are getting close to emptied out, and maybe someday soon I'll get to start on those "to do eventually" things.

I keep almost everything that I need to do at home on sticky notes on my desktop. I have one bright red note that lists stuff that I really need to do pretty soon. Then, below that, I've got a note with less important to-do items. One of the thing on there has, sadly, been on my to-do list for more than six months: to sort and process the photos I took on my mini-vacation back in the fall! But, I'm getting there soon. In the event that I finish everything on those notes, which hasn't happened once in the past two years, I'll get to work on my extended to-do lists: things that I'd do if I had more time, sorted by project or idea or program. I have a ton of these. That I have so many of them and they each have so many things to do is both liberating—tons of stuff I could do—and depressing—some of these things I meant to do years ago. (One of these things is a program I started writing a while back... so far back, in fact, that I used the number "2001" in the name, and that was a car model year—I started it in late 2000.)

Last time I took a vacation, I scheduled myself a ridiculous number of new things to do, places to visit, and et cetera. Next time I take a vacation, I'm going to limit it to one or two things, things that I can't otherwise easily do during the daytime, such as visiting places to photograph. I think that the rest will be spent playing games and relaxing, and making sure that I get every single sticky note off my desktop by the time it's over. Now that would be a nice feeling.

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