Saturday, May 13, 2006

Not actually all that bad

In Mission: Impossible III, there's a scene toward the end where Tom Cruise is running really, really fast.

Me: (drum roll sound) His athletics skill has increased.
Guy to the right: He should rest and meditate on what he has learned.

Outside the theatre...
Another guy: Hey, do you think Tom Cruise leveled his athletics skill at the end?

I can't go anywhere and avoid talk of Oblivion. Not that I mind. (That was one of many references, of course.)

So, I liked MI3 quite a bit. Good action movie. It was paced well, I liked Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Tom Cruise wasn't too bad either. I think I was misled about the quality of the movie a week ago. Then again, I went in with pretty low expectations, having already heard that it was bad, and having hated the first movie. (I never saw the second one.)


Matthew Johnson said...

Geez, Travis, you're supposed to make Scientology jokes at a Cruise movie, not Oblivion jokes!

Travis said...

There were so many opportunities for Oblivion jokes that there was no time for Scientology jokes, I'm afraid. Plus, many of them were not spoken until the end of the movie, not wanting to disrupt others as much as the people behind us, when we found out that we all mostly thought of the same Oblivion-related things during the movie.

Anonymous said...

Travis's review of the movie debunked in two easy words and one prefix:




Travis said...

They mentioned that once. It wasn't even important to the story. I couldn't believe how much you guys blew that out of proportion at dinner.