Wednesday, May 3, 2006


Finally, the solution for my troubles trying to post links to music: Napster's music library is now free to the U.S. public for the first five full plays of the song. That's noteworthy. After five plays, you can either buy the song for a buck, or subscribe to their service. (It's worth noting that a few albums I've stumbled across don't work this way; you still only get 30-second previews for most of the songs.) All you have to do is sign up for an account so they can track what you play.

One of the coolest things about the service is that the popup window that plays the song contains a permalink to that song that you can send out or post to your blog. Finally. It was always a hassle trying to find links to songs on the artist's website, on Amazon, or on some other site. (Don't they want people to buy the song? Why was it so hard?)

Let's try this out with some random tracks:
Jason Mraz—Plane (light rock/pop)
Amon Tobin—El Cargo (electronic/drum and bass/jungle)
Linkin Park and Jay-Z—Encore (rock/rap)
Madonna—Push (dance)
Imogen Heap—Cumulus (instrumental)
Okay, I had better stop before I hurt myself.

The sample quality isn't great, but at least it's on par with the usual 30-second samples you normally find. Probably 64kbps MP3.

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Steven said...

I'm more of a radio person because I hate analizing over what to listen to.

I signed up for the Napster trail yesturday :-) So far I prefer it to yahoo's service.