Monday, May 1, 2006

The most irrelevant information I've ever posted

Today I was thinking about the different ancient graphics modes—mode 0 for plain text, mode 1 for CGA four-color graphics, mode 2 for that weird 640x200 resolution but only black and white text, and so forth. Those are the only ones I remembered correctly from my DOS programming days.

Here's the full list of BASIC-compatible DOS graphics modes!


Anonymous said...

That was last reviewed on August 16, 2005?!?!? I would have expected that review date to hover somewhere around 1998 at the latest.

Having to support 20 years of software platforms must suck out loud.

Travis said...

I can't wait until someone calls me in the late 2010s and says, "Hey, you remember that thing? With the button? I forgot how it works again."